CETS launches a digital and proximity campaign to reinforce the destination under the slogan “Sanxenxo is back”

CETS launches a digital and proximity campaign to reinforce the destination under the slogan “Sanxenxo is back”

The objective is to reinforce the image of the leading municipality in holiday tourism in Galicia as a reference for quality and safety in the north of the peninsula

Sanxenxo’s Tourist Business Consortium has launched a destination promotion campaign under the slogan “Sanxenxo returns”, with the aim of strengthening Sanxenxo’s image as a safe and excellent tourist destination and as a leader in holiday tourism in the north of the peninsula. CETS’ commitment follows the maxim of public-private cooperation adding the private effort to recover the traveller’s trust to the public, because “Sanxenxo returns with more enthusiasm, with more quality and with more security than ever”, explains CETS’ President, Alfonso Martínez, and makes it reinforced to continue being the sun and beach destination par excellence in Galicia.

The business community of Sanxenxo assumes in its entirety the effort of this campaign, which will be developed until the end of the month in an exclusively digital way to convey the message that Sanxenxo, just like Galicia, returns and does so “with more safety measures and more quality seals”, affirms Martínez.

The different banners that make up the campaign will be published in the main media in Galicia, Asturias, Castile and Leon, Madrid and Portugal and will be aimed at Turismo de Sanxenxo, the website of the Consello de Sanxenxo which brings together all the tourist resources of the municipality with the aim of promoting the destination as a whole. In this sense, Alfonso Martinez highlighted the importance that the Consortium gives to public-private cooperation, thus adding the effort of the private sector to the promotion of the destination and its different tourist attractions for its enjoyment throughout the year.

The choice of the spaces in which the banners will be published is due to the main proximity markets from which the travellers who choose Sanxenxo as a destination usually come, mostly from Spain (70%) and the neighbouring country. Although many of these travellers are very loyal to Sanxenxo as a destination, in a summer as atypical as the current one in which there will be many destinations that will direct their promotional actions to those same potential markets, the tourist business community of Sanxenxo considers that it is necessary to make an extra effort in promotion and for that reason they have decided to join forces with the initiative of the Xunta, which launched at the beginning of the summer the campaign “Galicia Volve”.

Thus, with the support of the Department of Culture and Tourism and the Council of Sanxenxo, the Consortium will develop this campaign exclusively online in the websites with more traffic in Spain and Northern Portugal with the aim of being present in the minds of travelers.