The Cluster organizes the event “Walking towards sustainability: Meeting of the Galicia Sustainable Destination product club”

The Cluster organizes the event “Walking towards sustainability: Meeting of the Galicia Sustainable Destination product club”

  • The event will take place on Wednesday, May 15, at the Mega Estrella Galicia Museum.
  • The event will feature a presentation on the mapping of a regenerative tourist destination and a round table on social responsibility.
  • Registration is available until May 9 through this link.

The Galicia Tourism Cluster, in collaboration with the Xunta-Agencia Turismo de Galicia, organizes next Wednesday, May 15, the event ‘Walking towards sustainability: meeting of the Galicia Sustainable Destination product club’, at the Mega Estrella Galicia Museum (A Coruña). This is a day promoted through the Galicia Destino Sostenible tourism brand, the product club created by the Cluster and the Xunta de Galicia as a hub to integrate all the sustainable tourism offer of the Community, and which has more than 90 members. companies and integrates 140 experiences on its website.


This day focuses on sustainable tourism and social responsibility. The program of this meeting begins with the presentation ‘Cartography of a regenerative tourist destination’, given by Sergio Gil, president of the Sustainable Restaurants Foundation and director of the international research teams G.A.S. (Gastronomy, Anthropology and Society) and G.R.A.B. (Bar Anthropology Research Group). Next, there will be a round table moderated by Mayte Redondo (founder of Travel 2 Care People and Planet magazine) focused on promoting social sustainability, and in which Sergio Gil himself will participate; Mar Rodríguez, member of the Cluster and director of the travel agency Tele Travel; Pepe Formoso, director of the Bella Fisterra hotel and the Bella Muxía hostel, and president of the Professional Tourism Association of the Costa da Morte (APTCM); and Lolo Mosteiro; co-owner and head chef of the restaurant A Artesa da Moza Crecha.


The day will continue with a summary of the activities carried out and those scheduled for 2024 of the Sustainable Galicia product club, and a communication kit will be delivered to the participating companies. The event will end with a free visit to the Estrella Galicia Museum, with a printing masterclass at the end of the tour, and with final catering.




To join Galicia Sustainable Destination, companies must meet at least one qualifying requirement (sustainability certification; Fair’n Green; Green Star of the MICHELIN Guide; membership in the Slow Tourism North of Galicia project, or the Ecotourism Product Club of Spain or an environmental certification: ESO 14000, EMAS, etc.) or 100% of the mandatory ones and 33% of the evaluable ones.


Membership can be requested through the website Once the advisory committee accepts the membership, the company will manage its offers from the portal and will enjoy the advantages of belonging to the product club for free.