The Tourism Cluster and the Galician Food Cluster join forces to value the territory

The Tourism Cluster and the Galician Food Cluster join forces to value the territory

  • The heads of both entities signed a collaboration protocol to take advantage of the potential of the food sector in promoting tourism in Galicia.


The president of the Galician Tourism Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal, and the director of the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga), Roberto Alonso, signed a collaboration protocol between both entities to promote the promotion of the Galician destination, taking advantage of all the potential of the Galician gastronomic heritage.


After nature, gastronomy is the second reason why tourists choose Galicia as a destination. Enogastronomy has an increasing weight in the promotion of the destination and its pairing with other elements such as the landscape or culture facilitate the commercialization of new experiences and products, facilitating the economic development of the territory and contributing to seasonality. For this reason, the agreement signed last Friday establishes the commitment of both Clusters to take advantage of the complementarity between the tourism and food sectors to develop joint actions that benefit both sectors.


The protocol contemplates a framework of actions such as the definition of new tourism promotion strategies for Galicia, focusing on Galician food products as a claim and as an element of differentiation of the destination. It also establishes the identification of events (fairs, shows and forums), both nationally and internationally, in which to promote the Galician destination with enogastronomy as a claim. Another of the lines of work included in the protocol is to analyze possible strategies for the cross-selling of food products in tourist establishments.



The Galician Tourism Cluster has also joined the Gastronomy and Tourism Working Group promoted by Clusaga, within its Markets and Internationalization Area. The purpose of this debate forum is to generate a space for reflection on gastronomic tourism.


As a result of this Working Group, companies in the food and beverage industry are determining which are the initiatives with the greatest impact and feasibility for increasing the value of Galician products and increasing the positioning of the Galician brand around its gastronomy.


Cluster Tourism and Clusaga

The Galician Tourism Cluster brings together 72 entities including federations, consortiums and provincial associations that represent 95% of the Galician tourism sector and bring together more than 7,000 companies. Established ten years ago, the Cluster’s objective is to strengthen the sector, acting as the only interlocutor before the administrations, promoting innovation, internationalization and the consolidation of Galicia as a sustainable destination.


The Galician Food Cluster is a non-profit association made up of 149 members, including the main producing and processing companies in the Galician food sector, universities and technology centers in the community, and relevant technology and service companies for the industry. food. Its objective is to contribute to the strengthening, empowerment, sustainable growth and improvement of the competitiveness and internationalization of the food and beverage sector in Galicia.