Galicia Destino Sostible Product Club launches its first proposals

Galicia Destino Sostible Product Club launches its first proposals

Routes, accommodation, astronomy and gastronomy with the common denominator of sustainability make up the inaugural initiatives of this project promoted by the Cluster with the collaboration of the Xunta de Galicia.


The deadline for more companies in the sector to join the club with the possibility of applying for aid from the sponsorship programme will remain open until 21 October.


The Galicia Destino Sostible Product Club promoted by the Galicia Tourism Cluster with the support of the Xunta de Galicia is now available to all those who want to enjoy tourism and leisure proposals in which sustainability plays a crucial role. With the progress of the process of joining companies that has so far added almost fifty members, the first products have also begun to arrive, which are already available in the specific section of the Club’s website.


There you can find a wide range of proposals to enjoy the landscapes and gastronomy of Galicia, as well as accommodation. Kayaking along the Arousa or Vigo estuaries, sailing, hot air ballooning over the Ribeira Sacra, cycling along emblematic areas of our coastline, stargazing or discovering the best flavours of our sea and other products of our gastronomy that have already been elevated to museum objects, such as those kept in the MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia… more than twenty products make up the first showcase of Galicia Destino Sostible and their number will increase again soon.


The number of members of the club will also increase, as several more companies have applied for membership. Those that formalise this process before 21 October will be eligible for aid from the sponsorship programme financed by the Xunta, which allocates more than 300,000 euros for the design and launch of new sustainable tourism products. These grants, which will be awarded in strict order of application, will be distributed among wholesale travel agencies, which will receive a total of 135,000 euros (3,000 euros for each product and a maximum of 3 products per applicant), retail agencies, which will receive 112,000 euros (2,000 euros for each product and a maximum of 2 products per applicant) and accommodation, restaurants and complementary tourism offerings, which will receive 65,000 euros (1,300 euros for each product and a single grant per applicant).


Companies interested in joining the Galicia Sostible Product Club can request more information by emailing or telephone (+34) 881 50 51 02.