Ecodestin will imply a new impulse to capture new flows of nautical tourism to Galicia


Ecodestin will imply a new impulse to capture new flows of nautical tourism to Galicia

In order to continue working on the differentiation of the destination Galicia-North of Portugal and capture new flows of nautical tourism for Galician ports with autonomous ownership, the Consellería del Mar, through the public Portos de Galicia, participates in the European project Ecodestín associated with the Northern Region of Portugal.

The aim of the European project is to promote the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion as a unique nautical and sport destination of a unique character, as it is made up of two countries. The proposal, framed in the Strategic Plan for Recreational Boating 2012-2020 designed to optimize the resources of the sector and maximize the recreational nautical facilities, is especially oriented towards international markets such as German, English, Scandinavian, French and American.

Through this initiative, the Consellería del Mar intends to convert the piers into the access bridges to the nautical villas and the patrimonial offer of the interior promoting the development of new nautical offers, with special attention to those ports with a remarkable patrimonial value, following the Example of development and attraction pole that are the fjords in Norway.

The ports that are chosen as pilot ports for the project will be able to receive, through it, investment of European funds to increase the berthing capacity of the transits and make them more accessible to people with disabilities. Finally, it will also be possible to reinforce in these cases the technological endowments that improve the services offered by the ports to potential nautical tourists to seek differentiation with other ports in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic.

In the project, led by the Galician Association of Nautical Activities (Agan +) and Portos de Galicia also participate the Galician Sport Foundation and the General Directorate of Fisheries Development of the Sea Department.