Call for ideas for the Galician Tourism Cluster for partners

Call for ideas for the Galician Tourism Cluster for partners

One more edition, the Cluster Tourism of Galicia announces a contest of ideas with the aim of selecting the 5 best projects and to start them up from the CTG for a maximum amount of 130,000 euros in total. Each project must be presented by more than one entity associated with the CTG, without prejudice to the fact that it would be desirable to group together all those that coincide with the purpose of the project. The “Promoting Entities” must be up to date with the payment of the CTG member fees of the previous year, before the deadline for the presentation of applications and must propose at least one candidate project that focuses on one of the activities listed in the following table. In any case, they may propose up to a maximum of 3 candidate projects (one in category A, one in category B and a third to be chosen between categories C, D and E) and which, in any case, must be prioritised. A maximum of 1 project proposed by the Promoters will be selected according to this order of prioritisation.

  • A. Organization of a meeting in Galicia with national participants who will provide
    the marketing of the tourist offer and products of Galician companies
    (organisation of familiarisation trips and a workshop with operators
  • B. Organization of a meeting in Galicia with international participants who
    facilitate the marketing of the companies’ tourism offer and products
    Galician women (organization of familiarization trips and a workshop with
    Galician operators)
  • C. Creation or consolidation of product oriented to any of the following activities:
    Way of St. James, Galician Forests, Galician Springs, Walking between
    vineyards, Sea tourism, Lighthouses and wild beaches, Magical sanctuaries, Heritage
    hidden, Camellias of Galicia and top 10.
  • D. Creation or consolidation of product oriented to: cultural tourism, beach tourism and
    coast, nautical tourism, inland and rural tourism, MICE tourism, urban tourism, tourism
    health and spa, active tourism and golf tourism.
  • E. Creation or consolidation of an emerging or oriented tourist product/focused on
    priority target groups (senior, millennial, family tourism…)

On Thursday, 6th February, an explanatory session on the rules of the Ideas Competition will be held for all members in Classroom 2 of the Galician Library in the City of Culture. If you wish to attend, please send your contact details to before 2pm on Wednesday, 5th February.

Projects must be submitted via email to before February 28th.


Download the bases in pdf

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