Caldo de Gloria in Compostela and tapas in Lugo

Caldo de Gloria in Compostela and tapas in Lugo

The hotel industry and commerce in Compostela come together to celebrate Rosalía’s Day 2020
Lugo hosted the presentation of the I Official Spanish Championship of Pinchos and Tapas to be held in Madrid in March

Bars and restaurants in the Galician capital will pay homage to the Galician writer Rosalía de Castro on the 183rd anniversary of her birth through a programme of activities that will include talks, gifts and gastronomy. Organised jointly by the Compostela Hotel Association and the Raigame Neighbourhood Association, with the collaboration of the Rosalía Foundation, the Trade Association.Compostela and the Quiroga Palacios and Cluny schools, the initiative includes a round table on urban planning in Compostela, a recital of poems and an initiative to distribute bookmarks and the so-called “caldo de gloria” (glory soup) by fifty bars and restaurants in Santiago that will distribute it from Friday 21 February to Monday 24, day of Rosalía’s birth, in reference to the poem “Miña casiña, meu fogar”, by Follas Novas, in which the poet explains how to make a humble broth and in which he tells the daily epic of survival in 19th century Galicia.

I Spanish Official Championship of Pinchos and Tapas

For its part, the capital of Lugo hosted the presentation of the first Official Championship of Pinchos and Tapas in Spain, promoted by Hostelería de España and to be held at the School of Hostelería de la Casa de Campo in Madrid on 25 March. The competition, which is the final phase of the different tapas and pinchos competitions attached to and belonging to the Associations that make up the Spanish Hotel and Catering Industry, will be national in scope and the representatives selected by these Associations will be able to participate in it free of charge and on a voluntary basis.

In the case of Lugo, the representative will be Álvaro Villasante, from the Paprica restaurant, as announced by the president of the Provincial Association of Hotel and Tourism Businesses (Apehl), Cheché Real, who highlighted that “it is a real pride to be able to receive in the capital of our province the presentation of the first Official Championship of Tapas and Pinchos of Spain. We have worked hard to ensure that this event will finally be held in our city, which is representative of the tapas culture and the fantastic gastronomy of Lugo. I am sure that this will be an initiative that will enrich the tapas contests throughout Spain and extol the value that this culture has throughout our territory.