Atlas Obscura selects 27 extraordinary places to visit in Galicia

  • Atlas Obscura, an online magazine and travel company based in the United States, catalogs 27 corners of Galicia among the most extraordinary, amazing and surprising places on the planet.


This well-known American magazine has been collecting contributions from its entire community of travelers and adventurers since 2009. It has selected 25,300 places around the world and has classified them as the most beautiful and extraordinary on the planet. Its list, which is in the form of an interactive map, contains 27 places that you cannot miss in Galicia:


In A Coruña, the most beautiful bank in the world, the Fragas do Eume, the Cabo Prior Batteries, the Parque do Pasatempo de Betanzos, the Menhirs for Peace, the Tower of Hercules, the elevator of Mount San Pedro, the Museum del Alemán, La Trufa, the Chapel/Sanctuary of Santa Minia, the Acoustic Bench of La Alameda, The Pilgrim’s Shadow, the Botafumeiro and the Castros de Baroña.


In Lugo, the Beach of the Cathedrals, El abuelo (Souto da Retorta), the Roman Wall of Lugo and the ruins of old Portomarín.


In Ourense, Ribadavia House of the Inquisition, the City of Boys, the Monastery of San Pedro de Rocas and the Casa de las Pedriñas.


In Pontevedra, the Hermitage of Toxa, San Simón Island, the J-14 Military Battery, the Folón and Picón and Aquis Querquennis Mills.


Four provinces full of history, tradition, gastronomy, nature, and a very valuable cultural, architectural and landscape heritage, something that we already knew, but that will never cease to surprise us.