APEHL presented in Fitur the tenth edition of its gastronomic guide …. And to eat, Lugo


APEHL presented in Fitur the tenth edition of its gastronomic guide …. And to eat, Lugo

This gastronomic guide, key to the promotion of the province as a tourist and gastronomic destination, did not miss its appointment in Fitur, where it was also protagonist for tenth year. The president of the Provincial Association of Entrepreneurs of Hospitality and Tourism of Lugo (Apehl), Cheché Real, was in charge of making the presentation, in which he was accompanied by the mayor of Lugo, Lara Méndez; The president of Lugo’s Deputation, Darío Campos; The Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde; The delegate of the Area of ​​Promotion of Territory and Tourism of Lugo’s Deputation, Eduardo Vidal, and the delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Lugo, José Manuel Balseiro.

Under the title Lugo, 67 destinations, the yearbook consists of 132 pages, which are distributed in three distinct areas. The first one covers the 67 municipalities of Lugo, with an introduction that advances the true purpose and philosophy with which this guide was created, a traveling companion who is making stops in each locality to show us the main tourist points that we must not forget On our visit each of them, the most recommended dates to get closer to each town hall, cultural events and festivals of greater interest and typical products that enrich the environs lucense gastronomy. As Cheché Real said in his speech, “everything is included in this issue, a traveling companion who, without a doubt, will invite you to repeat”.

The guide also includes two more chapters that are already common sections, the album dedicated to the presence of the Apehl in the Vuelta Ciclista to Spain and a directory in which you can find in alphabetical order all associated establishments in the province of Lugo . It also has a map of the Santiago Roads that cross the province for a total of 800 kilometers of route and an index with tourist services, transport, roads and information points more outstanding.
The publication has a circulation of 15,000 copies that are distributed in tourist offices, hostels, sector fairs, hotels and other establishments associated with Apehl, as well as in all stages of the Tour of Spain, in addition to an edition Digital on the web www.eparacomerlugo.es.

New projects
Real also announced new projects for this 2017 among which he highlighted the creation of a virtual platform linked to the brand “And to eat, Lugo that gives a comprehensive service to tourists with all the information that is covered in this guide, updated With the most interesting news of our collective and with information on any news in an instant. An open platform “that keeps our customers up to date and allows the periodic sending of an updated newsletter to the same points of interest to which we send the paper guide,” explained Real.