Galician accommodations that care for and protect the sea

Reused lighthouses, educational excursions along the estuary and designs open to the sea are the sustainable suggestions of these coastal hotels.


The sea in Galicia represents 50% of the fishing fleet in the whole of Spain, and beyond the economic level it represents a way of life for the Galician community, an essence, and at the same time a tourist attraction on its coasts. For this reason it is one of the main resources to protect and take care of, these accommodations have a special link with the sea with a sustainable approach.


Bluscus, a tour operator specialising in seafood tourism, offers experiences all along the Galician coast: boat routes, fishing trips and excursions on shellfishing and sea farming. All of this is aimed at promoting the value of the sea and the people who work in it, generating environmental awareness. Through their guided routes, they forge an idea of respectful tourism, educating their participants to respect the maritime environment, to preserve it and look after it.


Giving a new life to buildings is a great way to reuse and conserve in architectural terms. O Semáforo de Fisterra has transformed the old lighthouse of Fisterra into a charming hotel with a great location, integrated in the coast and on the seafront. This way of adapting a building that has already fulfilled its initial use in a new complex, which is called recycling of buildings, is a great benefit for the environment as well as a fun way to stay.


The eco-sustainable hotel Bela Fisterra, a tribute to the sea through literature and art, has a design open to the coast and nature. Its relationship with the sea is linked through the use of its waters: they reuse rainwater for irrigation and use water from km 0 (water of proximity to avoid transport). This eco-conscious accommodation on the beachfront, develops policies to offset CO2 emissions, in addition to the use of photovoltaic panels and gardens of native vegetation.