Collaboration agreement to advance innovation, quality and sustainability of tourism in Galicia

Collaboration agreement to advance innovation, quality and sustainability of tourism in Galicia

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism signed an agreement with the Secretary of State for Tourism to standardize the criteria of excellence and quality of the sector within the framework of the public administration’s commitment to improving the competitiveness of the tourism offer. In this context, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Roman Rodriguez, took stock of the good progress of Galician tourism in the first quarter of the year, a period in which hotel establishments in the Community received 61.7 million euros, 8% more than in 2018.

The agreement, signed in Santiago de Compotela between the conselleiro, Roman Rodriguez, and the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Maria Oliver, will homogenize the criteria of excellence and promote collaboration between the two administrations, a commitment to quality in which the Xunta has been immersed in recent years and is already bearing fruit. In this sense, Rodríguez highlighted that the number of companies with the SICTED recognition of Tourist Quality doubled in the last decade from 286 in 2008 to 598 achieved last year. He also stressed that Galicia achieved last year the highest number of Q quality mark certifications in its history, achieving a total of 282, ranking as the second Community with more recognitions.

The Secretary of State, for her part, stressed that Galicia has a tourist product “very differentiated”, “a wonderful card that you play and that you have to take care of”, and cited the Galician landscape and the network of Jacobean roads, the landscape and roads.

Oliver offered the collaboration of the State to continue improving the offer of tourism in Galicia and its quality, and referred specifically to the year 2021 when the next Xacobeo will take place. “We will work together to be a success in number of visitors and tourism expenditure,” he said.

The state representative said that 2021 will be “an important moment” to try to attract and retain the visitor who comes to the Galician community.

He stressed the importance of collaboration between different public institutions and their cooperation with private sector companies for the powerful Spanish tourism sector. “Quality, sustainability, accessibility, innovation, deseasonalization and differentiation are the key terms in this twenty-first century,” said Isabel Oliver