Regulated access to the beach Catedrais during Easter

Regulated access to the beach Catedrais during Easter

Groups of more than 30 people can manage applications through various entities that manage authorizations, as the Tourism Cluster, among others

During the Easter period, between 19 and 28 March, the Xunta again launch the system of regulated access to the Natural Monument Beach As Catedrais in Lugo, according to the conservation plan approved last June for the sustainability of sand. Under this plan a maximum quota of 4,812 people per day in high season is established.

The 4,812 authorizations to access the sandy quotas will be shared between different public and private entities, so that most -3.486- be distributed through the web, where visitors can make a reservation through a simple form.

For groups of more than 30 people as well as travel agencies and tour operators, can contact other entities also manage reserves as the Association of Municipalities of A Mariña Lucense, which manages 480 approvers; The directly manage 329 hotels in Ribadeo; 165 EOCAR the bus company which makes the route between Ribadeo and As Catedrais- and 112 between Ribadeo taxi drivers and 240 that are directly managed by the Cluste Turismo Galicia.

At the entrance to the beach there will be four professionals who control access, inform visitors on how to get authorization if they arrive without it and will explain the services available to them.