Open registration period for tourist companies that wish to join the Tourist Voucher #QuedamosenGalicia


Open registration period for tourist companies that wish to join the Tourist Voucher #QuedamosenGalicia

Tourist accommodations and Galician travel agencies registered in the REAT can join this joint initiative of the Xunta and Cluster Tourism of Galicia to revive the tourism sector

More than 100 companies in the sector have already expressed their interest in joining this programme, which seeks to inject liquidity and favour the reactivation of this industry

DOGA has opened a period for companies in the tourism sector to apply for participation in the Bono Turístico, a joint initiative promoted by the sector, which is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Galician Tourism Cluster, and which has been granted 5 million euros by the public administration.

The objective of this tourist voucher #QuedamosenGalicia is to inject liquidity into companies in this industry, promote domestic tourism, encourage consumption and boost the recovery of the economy and business fabric of the Community in the face of the covid-19 crisis. Companies and travel agencies that carry out their activity in Galicia and offer products and experiences within the framework of this initiative may apply for membership. This is a proposal similar to those being promoted in other Spanish destinations in order to encourage the revival of this sector, which has been particularly affected by weeks of inactivity.

The measure, requested by the Cluster Tourism of Galicia to the Xunta, which was approved in April and included in the Reactivation Plan of the cultural and tourism sectors. Since then, more than a hundred tourism companies have shown their interest in joining the program and, as of today, they can do so already. In a second phase, once the initial offer available is completed, the application period will be opened for the beneficiaries, around 20,000 professionals from the health and social-health fields, who will be able to apply for the Tourist Voucher on a completely voluntary basis.

Requirements and process of adhesion

In this first phase of registration, companies or groups of companies offering accommodation services may apply for membership, as well as travel agencies that carry out their activities in our Community and are registered in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities (REAT). Interested businesses must submit their application by completing two steps:

In addition, the companies that apply for membership of the programme will receive advice from the Xunta and the Galician Tourism Cluster on any doubts they may have regarding the operation of the centre.

The applications by the establishments will be assessed by a mixed commission made up of representatives of the Galician Tourism Cluster and the Galician Government, who may withdraw those offers they consider do not comply with the objective of the initiative.

For more information, please consult the presentation of the Tourist Voucher