A Coruña presented a reporter about a positive behavior of the sector and profile of its visitors.

A Coruña presented a reporter about a positive behavior of the sector and profile of its visitors.

The Tourism Consortium of Coruña presented the main conclusions of the report on tourism behaviour prepared in collaboration with the School of Tourism of A Coruña. Among the data provided by the study highlights the “very positive” behavior of the sector in the city and reveals that the profile of the visitor comes from the State in a majority, spends 4.2 days in the city and spends an average of 56.3 euros.

“In addition to the information that we obtained from the profile of tourists, these works allow us to confirm that the satisfaction of the and of the visitors on our city is very high and that practically all the elements that conform the tourist-cultural offer of the city improve in score with respect to the last year”, indicated the mayor of A Coruña, Xulio Ferreiro, during the presentation of the study, of which he also emphasized that the data of the surveys “approach also that A Coruña is considered the main destiny of Galicia”.

These conclusions are drawn from the 2,285 surveys conducted by students of the School of Tourism between the months of July and September 2018 which said that the profile of visitors is mostly Spanish (84.7%) with 10.9% from Galicia and 73.80% from other communities, mainly Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia and Valencia, and 15.30% from foreigners, including those who come from Argentina, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom. Surveys also show that visitors prefer to stay in four and five-star hotels and spend an average of 4.24 days in the city.

As for the daily expenditure during his visit, the data indicate that the average number of tourists and hikers is 56.33 euros. The indices reflect that the perception of the city by tourists can be considered as very positive since the overall rating is eight out of ten and visitors would return to visit A Coruña in 98.7% of cases.

In the assessment of these data, the councillor from A Coruña stressed that tourism growth in the city is being done according to the Strategic Tourism Plan (PET) and “from a sustainable point of view, creating employment and without creating problems to neighbors,” in addition to highlighting the good results for the city of Herculaneum were also collected in the latest barometer of Exceltur, which placed the behavior of A Coruña during 2018 as above the average of the State.

In this sense, the heads of the Consortium also stressed the importance of having this type of studies to know the strengths and weaknesses of the destination according to the experience of the tourist and what is its evolution, as well as advancing in the economic impact of tourism in the city.