A Coruña obtains financing for its first Greenway and plans new network of trails in Mazaricos

A Coruña obtains financing for its first Greenway and plans new network of trails in Mazaricos

The first greenway in the province of A Coruña, which will connect the municipalities of Santiago and Cerceda with a 36.5-kilometre path on the old railway tracks, will be a reality thanks to the 1.86 million euros of ERDF funds just received by the Diputación de A Coruña for projects that promote sustainable mobility and a low-carbon economy.

This was communicated by the president of the Provincial Council, Valentín González Formoso, during the meeting he held with the mayors of the five municipalities involved in the project. For its part, the County Council will add 535,129.26 euros “to make reality an ambitious and technically complex project: the construction of the first greenway in the province and the longest in Galicia. The route will reach 36.5 kilometres, of which 13 correspond to Santiago de Compostela, 7.19 to Oroso, 8.3 to Ordes, 2.48 to Tordoia and 5.5 to Cerceda. Valentín González Formoso highlighted the “important tourist and socioeconomic repercussion that the construction of the Greenway will have for the five town councils”.

This route may be used by pilgrims of the route xacobea Santiago-Coruña-Fisterra, crossing areas of great environmental, historical and cultural interest.

The Green Ways Programme, coordinated by the Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (Spanish Railway Foundation), promotes the conversion of disused railway infrastructures into cycling and walking itineraries. In Spain there are more than 120 itineraries and 2,700 kilometres that have already been converted. In our communities there is only one between Asturias and Galicia, the route of an old miner between the forests next to the River Eo.

New tourist trails for A Coruña

In addition, the Provincial Council of A Coruña and Mazaricos City Council are studying the project that will complete the network of trails and interlace them with those already existing in the municipality, a new proposal that will include a route that will unite Pino de Val with Insua and contemplates the trails of the waterfalls and Monte Pindo-Ponche de Brandomil.

The aim of this initiative is also to link the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago and the Via Mariana with the different paths that the town councils involved run.