’10+10 business examples #PorElClima’, the initiative that recognizes the climate commitment and ambition of companies

’10+10 business examples #PorElClima’, the initiative that recognizes the climate commitment and ambition of companies

  • The objective of this call is to make visible business actions regarding climate action.
  • The presentation of candidatures will remain open until next September 29.


Empresas #PorElClima is an initiative of the Comunidad #PorElClima, which promotes the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Spanish business fabric, promoting the ambition of the private sector to stop the climate emergency and move together towards decarbonization.


Under this premise, they organize the call ’10+10 business examples #PorElClima’, to give visibility and recognition to all those companies that already act and include their plans, concrete initiatives to face the climate emergency and promote decarbonization actions.


This initiative recognizes the commitment and climate ambition of 10 large companies and 10 SMEs that strive in their daily lives to develop innovative actions that lead them to be an example in the development of decarbonization strategies. The purpose is that the actions seek to go beyond the emissions reduction objectives planned for 2030, they must be especially focused on measuring the impact, on the calculated reduction of emissions, on public reporting and on social mobilization.


Actions underway with measurable results can be presented (throughout 2022 or until March 31, 2023) or newly created initiatives (innovation projects or projects underway without measurable results, but with measured objectives).


The reception of candidatures will remain open until September 29, and can be formalized through the initiative’s website. The selection will be made by a committee of experts starting October 16, and the final results will be published on the initiative’s website starting November 1.


If you have questions, next Tuesday, September 19, at 10:00 a.m., an online session will be organized to resolve doubts about the process or clarify any issue.