Friday February 24th, 2017
I Jornada Internacional de la Camelia

Camelia celebrates its First International Day

The Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz is hosting the 1st Camelia International Day on February 25 and 26, an initiative that, under the motto “Come and eat […]
Thursday February 23rd, 2017
Jornada UpDatePEme

ICT in the service of innovation in the tourism sector opened the program #UpDatePeme

Promoted by AMTEGA in collaboration with the Cluster the first day held in the City of Culture was attended by the director of R & D […]
Thursday February 23rd, 2017
Sicted presentación

Ferrol retakes the project to distinguish the tourist quality and Pontevedra also implements an advice plan to achieve more SICTED

In order to continue to give impetus to the SICTED project in Ferrol, the companies that already participate in this program attended this week to a […]
Wednesday February 22nd, 2017

Consolidate Galicia as a sustainable tourist destination, Turismo de Galicia challenge

Turning Galicia into a sustainable tourist destination is one of the challenges assumed by Turismo de Galicia under the maxim that sustainability must be a transversal element […]
Tuesday February 21st, 2017

Four ICT experiences in the tourism sector will open this Thursday in the City of Culture the program #UpDatePeme

Promoted by the AMTEGA in collaboration with the Cluster for this first session, the day already has the open inscriptions In order to serve as a […]
Monday February 20th, 2017
congreso OPC España 2017

Almost 300 professionals from the MICE segment attended the national OPC congress

The 29th National Congress of Professional Organizing Companies of Congresses of OPC Spain, of which OPC Galicia is part, was celebrated in Lleida with the participation […]
Enoturismo Galicia
que e para ti galicia 2

The voice of tourism

Cluster Turismo de Galicia is a group of companies linked by a chain of common value. Their business activities are developed in a specific geographic area, which is Galicia, and around the tourism industry, either as their core business or as a supplementary activity.
Its goal is becoming the Voice of Tourism, providing a backbone for the richness and diversity Galicia has to offer, as well as promoting joint activities aimed to improve the competitiveness and the internationalization of the industry.




Hospeco presents Travelcity, a mobile app to help you organise your visit to A Coruña

Under the premise of creating exposure for the all the tourist attractions A Coruña has to offer and to provide a pleasant and customized experience for all visitors, Hospeco, the local association of hospitality companies has launched Travelcity in Madrid and A Coruña.
The app is available for download at Google Play or AppleStore


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