Birth of a new online community to show off our territory

The best sunsets, the “riquiña” culture, beaches to dream or places to be missed are some of the galleries under which we can find hundreds of clustered web experiences Proud of Galicia, by the Cluster Turismo Galicia initiative to publicize and promote the enormous tourist wealth that our community through the eyes of Galicia and those who visit us. How many times have we found a place to forget the world we share with friends and family? Well it’s time to show it off and Galicia! The goal, we can all become “superpresumidores” of Galicia.

The web already holds more than 200 snapshots provided by all participants in the community of facebook Proud of Galicia but through the new website and webapp community Proud of Galicia which just opened can be uploaded many more so that the platforms will be nourished by the experiences, places and spaces that show the users of this community, special locations that I personally recommend, which reflects the views of more than thirty thousand “presumidores” who include residents Galician or living abroad, and regular visitors. With this webapp Proud of Galicia, Cluster seeks to create a meeting point for lovers of this land, which can also be found references to gastronomy or cultural activities taking place in the four provinces. Enter in and goes up and your instant because he has win a prize!

Superpresumidores with prize
In addition to upload photos to the web of, any user can use the web to “applaud” uploaded photos and help participants can win prizes, or simply select routes looking, for example, the best sunsets sun or visits to special natural areas. Meanwhile, those who contribute their photographic contributions and who wants to become “superpresumidores” should get votes for their photos in the form of virtual applause. Those who get more “applause” can win dozens of prizes to discover the autonomous community differently through experiences that include hotel accommodations, food tastings or tourist trains. In addition, all participants stays in hotels spread across the four provinces will be drawn.

A platform promoting Galicia 2.0
Community Proud of Galicia will gradually grow with the contributions received, we can go looking through the profiles of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram Proud of Galicia has in these social networks, but the ratings only count on the web .

With this campaign, which will run until the end of the year, the Cluster Turismo Galicia contribute to the promotion of Galicia from a different perspective, oriented you new habits of travelers, seeking information of a destination through the Internet and social networks . The demand is increasingly high and 2.0 environments. where the criterion of travelers has more than any other source grow at a high speed. Galicia now has its own platform, these features also goes a step further and offers the world a vision based on thousands of views: