Xunta and town halls prepare regulations to regulate motorhome tourism in Galicia


Xunta and town halls prepare regulations to regulate motorhome tourism in Galicia

The Department of Tourism and Culture of the Xunta announced after its meeting this August with the Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces its firm commitment to develop a common ordinance regulating motorhome tourism in Galician municipalities, a problem that affects “20-30 municipalities”, according to numbers Alfredo Garcia, president of FEGAMP.

As explained by the autonomous holder of Tourism, accompanied by the director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, the Xunta is “preparing a decree” on the matter, but what it intends is that the Fegamp draft an ordinance “type” that allows the coexistence of motorhomes in Galician localities.

Some municipalities, according to Roman Rodriguez, already have their own ordinances, but the idea is to have a “generic” that allows an “effective” regulation throughout the Galician territory.

Bet For Giving The Mayors The Right To Speak

The model ordinance, as reported by the president of Fegamp, will be ready “before the end of this year” and will serve to coordinate and harmonize the own regulations that already have some municipalities. “Fegamp has to coordinate the municipalities, which then must decide what they want to do,” says Garcia.

“We are not going to enter the conflict of campsites and motorhomes, but we do have to avoid the nuisance that the flood of motorhomes causes to the neighbors of some municipalities. This was pronounced by the president of FEGAMP in statements to the journal TUR 43.

“This is to regulate the special areas of caravans and motorhomes in transit whose regulation continues to correspond to the local administration,” says the Xunta, adding that the maximum stay in these areas will be one night.

The president of Fegamp explains that motorhomes are always looking for “privileged places” to park and stay overnight, a desire that, he explains, often clashes with the regulations and the interests of neighbors.

Both campsite and motorhome associations in our community are demanding a change in the law. On the one hand to control this type of tourism, but also to meet the needs of a modality that is increasing.

“We want Galicia to be an attractive destination for motorhomes, who come to know this land and leave money here,” says Manuel Fernandez, President of the Galician Association of Motorhomes. “We are very far from what is demanded. Every day the world of motorhomes increases and it is necessary to adapt to it”.

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