Xantar celebrates its most international edition with Panama as a guest country

inauguración Xantar

Xantar celebrates its most international edition with Panama as a guest country

More than 200 enogastronomic activities make Xantar an essential annual event with gastronomy. The International Gastronomic Tourism Fair, which takes place in Ourense between February 1st and 5th, reaches its most important edition in this edition, with exhibitors from 11 countries and Panama as a guest country. Expourense thus becomes the epicenter of wine and tourism, bringing together 232 exhibitors (10% more than in the previous edition) from Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, France, Peru, Cuba, Argentina and Panama. As a guest country, it participates with an important professional delegation of about 40 people, including chefs, government representatives and hoteliers.
Among the objectives of promoting a destination through gastronomy led the organization to create the “I Workshop of Gastronomic Tourism” in which tour operators will attend the presentation and will hold B2B meetings with representatives of the different enogastronomic destinations present.

In addition, Xantar 2017 has a total of 15 restaurants from different countries and bordering communities such as Asturias and Castilla y León, as well as the Galician cuisine itself, which together offer 21 menus with prices between 14 and 30 euros that show native products And quality, as well as special menus.

Tastings and showcooking
The program of Xantar is completed with the tastings and showcookings that are held in the three gastronomic classrooms, as well as a tasting room, a Wine Túnel and, as a novelty, the Túnel do Queso where there will be a sample of the winners in The last Galician Cheese Tasting organized by the Xunta de Galicia.
The program of showcookings is complemented with parallel activities such as the IV Meeting of Gastronomic and Tourist Bloggers in which more than 20 bloggers from all over the Peninsula participate or the International Encounter of Confraternities that will reunite more than 40 entities from several countries.

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