Tourism and INORDE sign an agreement for the promotion of tourism resources in Ourense

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Tourism and INORDE sign an agreement for the promotion of tourism resources in Ourense

With the aim of promoting hot springs and the desportivas actividade as strengths of Ourense destination, Turismo de Galicia has signed an agreement with the Instituto Ourensán de Desenvolevemento Económico (INORDE) for an amount of 100,000 euros, which is intended to promote its own tourism resources from the province.

Following the maximum bet on experiential tourism products that contribute to the seasonal adjustment of the Galician tourism, the Axencia Tourism Galicia and INORDE drive this agreement according to which actions related to the deponerte as promoting the Center will develop Rowing training Laias, Arnoia and Miño Castrelo Rio Olympics in 2016, the development of a master plan for this entity and the provision of equipment for the racecourse Arnoia – Laias.

In addition, it will be invested in promoting and marketing hot springs, one of the main tourist attractions of the province, including sporting events Hydrotherapy and internationally. program activities “Galicia all train” will also be funded, that a year will be launched in the province and in the rest of the Community. In addition, the exhibition space will be expanded in the classroom train station and the Peares interpretation centers stations Santa Cruz, Los Peares and Baths of Molgas be maintained.

promotional materials on tourism in the province will also be distributed and other actions, some aimed to value great tourist attractions of the province as oenology and gastronomy, for example, participation in the fair Xantar.

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