Proposals may be submitted to five of the categories through the web or e-mail.

Would you like to apply for one of the five categories open to competition in the Galicia Tourism Awards? On the awards website you will find the form you have to fill in to present a person, entity or initiative to these awards, the first edition of which will be judged at the end of the year in a gala to be held in A Coruña.

Promoted by the Consellería de Cultura e Turismo and the Clúster Turismo de Galicia the prizes are born with a total of nine categories of which five are open to the presentation of candidatures of free form. The categories are Avant-garde, which will recognise an initiative, person or entity that has stood out for the implementation of actions that involve a conceptual novelty or technological innovation; Sustainability, which will recognise a person or entity that has stood out in promoting sustainable tourism in Galicia; Heritage, which will recognise work to maintain or improve Galicia’s historical, artistic or cultural heritage; Promotion, which will recognise a marketing promotion in favour of the Galicia destination; and Event, which will recognise a person or event that has contributed to the promotion of the destination.

The candidatures can be sent via web or through the mail candidaturas@premiosgaliciadeturismo.gal until next November 10, not being able to present the same candidacy to the five categories on the part of the same proposer. The prizes do not have economic endowment and they will not be able to be deserted.

The same deadline, until November 10, will also have the general public to vote among the 24 candidates for the award in the category of Scenario, which will recognize a natural, urban, historical or cultural location highlighted by its beauty, relevanica, care and conservation, through an open vote.

Finally, the last three categories will be decided by a jury made up of professionals from the sector: “National Ambassador”, “International Ambassador” and Pioneer, in which a person of prestige and public transcendence in the national or international sphere who has distinguished himself for his contribution to the diffusion of Galicia as a tourist destination will be recognized, while the pioneer will distinguish a company or person who has opened new paths or successful experiences in the sector.

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Tuesday October 15th, 2019
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Proposals may be submitted to five of the categories through the web or e-mail. Would you like to apply for one of the five categories open […]
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