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The programming of the seventh edition of the Tourist Trains of Galicia, promoted by Tourism of Galicia and Renfe and starts next June 1 arrives with the incorporation of a new route, that of the Roads of Santiago, as a prelude to Xacobeo 2021 and that will serve to discover much of the Galician heritage through different sections of the French Way, the North, Primitive and English. The new itinerary will leave on 27 July and 28 September. The train routes will be complemented with buses that will bring the visitor to the points of interest. In addition, a specialised guide will accompany you on each of the itineraries. The route will leave from the city of A Coruña (English Way), will approach Sobrado dos Monxes (North Way), the city of Lugo (Primitive Way) and the monastery of Samos (French Way). It will thus cover four of the ten xacobean itineraries and will force the Ruta dos Mosteiros, begun last season.

The new edition of the Tourist Trains of Galicia will maintain present the already known Route two Lighthouses, Pazos and Historical Xardíns of Galicia, Route da Lamprea, the Route Ourense Termal and Versailles galego, as well as the six tourist trains that cross the territories of each one of the five denominations of origin vitivinícolas, as well as the Route two Mosteiros that, after the success of the last year with the 100% of occupation, will double its exits in this edition.

In total, travellers will be able to enjoy this season up to 12 different thematic itineraries, which will make a total of 57 departures between the months of June and October. The routes include train travel, guided tours and bus transfers and have a price per route of 45 euros for adults and 20 for children aged between 3 and 13 years and can be purchased on the Renfe website. In addition, groups made up of more than ten adults will have a 15% discount.

Monday May 20th, 2019
Trenes turísticos Galicia

The tourist trains of Galicia inaugurate season with a new route dedicated to the Roads of Santiago

The programming of the seventh edition of the Tourist Trains of Galicia, promoted by Tourism of Galicia and Renfe and starts next June 1 arrives with […]
Friday May 17th, 2019

A hundred senior golfers meet in Navarre to continue the Circuit Golf Senior Tourism Galicia

The next stop on the Circuit will be at the Zaudin Golf Club in Seville on 29 May. The Real Club de Ulzama hosted the 2nd […]
Tuesday May 7th, 2019
Presentación web Baixo Miño

Ría de Vigo e Baixo Miño advances in the strategy of valuing its history and landscapes in order to differentiate its tourist offer.

Mayors of the 14 municipalities were present at the launch of the tourism area strategy website. El Pazo de Cea in Nigrán hosted the presentation of the […]
Wednesday May 1st, 2019
Camino y faro

The Xunta will promote the Lighthouse Path to discover the landscape and heritage of the Galician coastline

Through an agreement signed between Turismo de Galicia, the Instituto de Estudios del Territorio, the Agencia Gallega de Desarrollo Rural and the Fundación Galicia Sutentable for […]