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After the recovery in 2018 of the project of the Megalithic Park of the Costa da Morte by the County Council of A Coruña, the project is taking shape, thanks to the involvement of the different public administrations involved. Thus, the provincial entity has presented an agreement with the town councils of the area for the enhancement of the megalithic elements of this territory with a budget of 500 thousand euros by the Diputación de A Coruña. From the Diputación de A Coruña it is estimated that in May or June the process of setting up a steering committee of the association could begin, which would be made up of representatives of each council and the provincial body.

Both for its rich heritage and for its tourist attraction, the Megalitismo Park is “a treasure of special relevance for the Costa da Morte and a very unique open-air museum that can attract visitors from all over the world”. In addition, the Provincial Council of A Coruña will support the expansion of the Park’s territory by including the municipalities of A Laracha and Ponteceso and will propose that the Xunta de Galicia agree to the expansion.
Through the creation of this commonwealth to give impetus to the Park of Megalitism is intended that the ten municipalities involved (Malpica de Bergantiños, Carballo, Zas, Cabana de Bergantiños, Vimianzo, Dumbría, Corcubión and Mazaricos, in addition to Laracha and Ponteceso) to implement actions for the socialisation and dissemination of the heritage resources of this territory, addressing the homogeneous signposting of these resources, the improvement of their accessibility or the elaboration of different communication, training and education plans to make these resources known. Among other monuments, the following are part of the Archaeological Park of the Costa da Morte: Pedra Moura, Casa dos Mouros, Pedra Cuberta, Arquiña de Vilaseco and Mina de Recesinde of the City Council of Vimianzo, Pedra da Arca de Malpica, Arca da Piosa and Pedra Vixía de Zas, Fornela dos Mouros de Laxe, Mina da Parxubeira de Mazaricos, Pedra Moura de Carballo or the Dolmen de Dombate of Cabana de Bergantiños.

Thursday April 5th, 2018

The County Council of A Coruña continues to take steps to create the Megalitism Park on the Costa da Morte

After the recovery in 2018 of the project of the Megalithic Park of the Costa da Morte by the County Council of A Coruña, the project […]
Thursday January 19th, 2017

Ferrol, cultural destination and Easter week in Ferrol and Viveiro, spring claims

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Monday May 30th, 2016
Presentación ACIGAL en Ourense

Cistercian monasteries Galicians work for building their own European cultural route

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