The Galician tourist sector is cautious for this December bank holiday, traditionally influenced by urban and local tourism, which is what Galicia usually chooses to make an escape at this time of year. Last minute reservations and weather forecasts will be decisive, which are good overall, although Friday may be rainy. So the general forecasts for the whole of Galicia could be placed in a range around 60 to 70% occupation, in a line similar to the figures marked in December 2015 or 2016, with slightly lower occupations than last year, which was an exceptionally good bridge.

Traditionally, it is a break this type of accommodation is chosen by travellers seeking tranquillity, disconnection and proposals linked to gastronomy – it should be remembered that the Gastronomic Outono is still in progress, without forgetting that many territories are celebrating these days tapas routes and days of exaltation of some product. Also the gastronomy encourages proposals in some municipalities of Costa da Morte or Salnés for this period, which await occupations around 70%, a figure that the hoteliers of Costa da Morte consider very positive. In the Salnés the occupancy may be slightly lower than last year, which marked especially good figures throughout the year and on this particular bridge, but could also be located between 70 and 75%, although in the Rías Baixas rely on last-minute reservations that are entering these days to improve the final occupancy result.

Santiago de Compostela is likely to remain somewhat below, around 60% occupancy, just like Lugo, while Coruña expects to reach around 68% from Wednesday to Saturday, slightly below last year. Those who do have good prospects are the hoteliers of Vigo, many of whom are waiting to hang the sign of complete with travelers who come to the city attracted by the proposal of shopping tourism and Christmas lighting. Expectations for the bridge in the olive hotel industry are high, with occupations around 85% to 90%. Finally Ourense would point out also good results in the city, with the attractiveness of the tourism of purchases and the thermal one, with a forecast of occupation around 75% to 80%, whereas the Ribeira Sacra could be placed between 40% and 60%, with variable figures according to the zone and Pontevedra city would remain in the surroundings of 75% of occupation.

Tuesday December 4th, 2018
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The Galician tourist sector is cautious for this December bank holiday, traditionally influenced by urban and local tourism, which is what Galicia usually chooses to make […]
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