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With the aim of contributing to the promotion of wines with Galician denomination of origin, the municipal group of the BNG in Santiago and the Hospitality Association Compostela will jointly promote the project “A porta dos viños”, framed in the context of recognition of the significance that wines and their culture have meant for this territory, in the Galician economy and culture as a whole.

“With this initiative we want to make known, promote and disseminate Galician wines”, explained the BNG municipal spokeswoman, Goretti Sanmartín, who stressed that this initiative aims to enrich gastronomic tourism and recognize the weight that wines have had since historical times in Galician culture and its economy, with the marketing and export since the Middle Ages, and also the recognition of their quality.

The initiative “A porta dos Viños” is also conceived with a seasonal element of tourism, since it wants to be held in the second half of October, so the hotel can take advantage to offer different Galician wines out of high season.

The idea is that during these days a fair will be held which will be completed with tasting workshops, wine dissemination days, book exhibitions and photographs related to the appellations of origin, promotion of enotourism routes or placement of exhibitors from different wineries to show their products in which Santiago de Compostela served as host to the variety and quality of wine in our country and meeting point for trade, with the Puerta de Mazarelos as a symbolic entry of the product, as was done centuries ago when merchants went through those doors loaded with vats of Galician wine.

The Compostela Hostelry Association supports this initiative for the promotion of the city and the sector: “we understand that creating a Galician wine fair is an important event that is missing in this country and the ideal place to do so is Santiago de Compostela, because of its status as capital; although it is not a place to produce wine, has its importance not only in traditions but also in the economy and local development,” he stressed that he was favorable to this initiative that hopes it has a vocation of permanence in time.

Thursday August 1st, 2019

The BNG and Hostelería Compostela present an initiative for the promotion of Galician wines with denomination of origin in Santiago.

With the aim of contributing to the promotion of wines with Galician denomination of origin, the municipal group of the BNG in Santiago and the Hospitality Association […]
Monday June 10th, 2019
Turexpo 2019

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Friday May 10th, 2019
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Wednesday November 21st, 2018
intur valladolid

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