Deputación Ourense

The city of Burgas welcomed this week the celebration of the assembly of the Association of Historic Thermal Cities of Europe (EHTTA), a meeting that gathers the representatives of the main European thermal territories and that supposes an “opportunity of cooperation and dynamization that places the province of Ourense to the highest level in the thermal scope”, according to the president of the Diputación de Ourense and vice-president of the EHTTA, Manuel Baltar.

Around the celebration of the own assembly, that gathers in Ourense to half a hundred delegates of the Historical Thermal Cities of Europe, have been organized these days a great number of activities linked to the thermalism, from an exhibition “European Itinerary of the thermal patrimony, up to a series of sessions and presentations on the present time of the thermalism, as well as the accomplishment of visits to different thermal enclaves of the city and of the province. On Friday the participants will visit the Ribeira Sacra and the spa of Laias Caldaria, participating in a presentation of thermalism programs.

In addition, and before the celebration of the own Assembly, the city of the Burgas also hosted a forum of debate and innovation in thermal matter, in which participated a great number of experts coming from Tourism of Galicia, of the University of Vigo, of the Geographic and Mining Institute of Spain, as well as outstanding consultants so much of Galicia, as of Portugal or France that debated on the sustainable tourism, the geothermal, experiences of cooperation in the scope of the water, energetic uses of the springs, protection of the natural resources and the Thermal Plan of Ourense.

The forum was also attended by the Mayor of Ourense, Jesús Vázquez; the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Román Rodríguez, and Giuseppe Bellandi, President of EHTTA. Precisely, Bellandi emphasized the importance of this summit “for the putting in common of thermal projects that will suppose a competitive opportunity for our territories”.

The Association of Historical Thermal Cities of Europe, entity to which the Diputación de Ourense belongs, is the most important thermal network of Europe, integrated by cities like Baden Baden, Bath, Budapest, Vichy and the own capital of Ourense, one of the founders, at the same time that I was part of the European Cultural Itinerary of the Historical Thermal Cities.

Friday October 5th, 2018
Encuentro Ciudades Termales en Ourense 2018

Ourense hosts the European summit of Historic Thermal Cities

The city of Burgas welcomed this week the celebration of the assembly of the Association of Historic Thermal Cities of Europe (EHTTA), a meeting that gathers […]
Thursday April 27th, 2017
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