Deputación de Pontevedra

Three weeks after taking office, the president of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, summoned the mayors of the 59 municipalities of less than 50,000 inhabitants in the Plenary Hall of the Provincial Pazo to present the main lines that will mark their mandate and appeal to their collaboration: “the province has to be built between all and all”.

The main axes of action that will be transversal to the whole government policy, being also the objectives of the projects that will be developed with the city councils, are the sustainability towards the ecological transition, the urban agenda, more rights and more equity, the digital agenda and innovation.

As far as Tourism is concerned, four major challenges will be faced in this mandate: a sustainable model; the positioning of the destination based on brand values (sustainability, authenticity, excellence, timelessness and internationality); the commitment to excellence and the implementation of intelligent management.

The network of Rías Baixas offices will be expanded and the network of municipal offices of the DEPO will be converted into spaces modernised with ICTs.  Promotional materials will be prepared with updated information and other new promotional tools will be used thanks to the ‘Tourist Inside Rías Baixas’ programme, such as the multimedia totems that will be installed “in tourist enclaves to obtain information about the profile of visitors”.

Carmela Silva also stressed that the Rías Baixas Tourism website will pay special attention to tourist information and promotion of municipalities, as well as transfer to all of them the necessary advice to be an intelligent territory at the tourist level.

As for the axis of sustainability, campaigns will be developed with municipalities that wish to join and will promote a municipal agreement to promote environmentally responsible tourism.

The president confirmed that the Provincial Council of Pontevedra will continue to work with small municipalities in obtaining the Q for quality and will give them more role in the Provincial Table of Tourism.

“We will also promote the Tourism entrepreneurship program, said Silva, and within the framework of the Mesa del Camino we will work on a status report of the roads that run through the province to ensure their safety and accessibility in the face of the Xacobeo 2021.


Tuesday August 6th, 2019

A sustainable model, positioned on the basis of its brand values, excellent and intelligent, there are the challenges that Carmela Silva faces in this tourism mandate.

Three weeks after taking office, the president of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, summoned the mayors of the 59 municipalities of less than 50,000 […]
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