Clúster Turismo de Galicia

Continuing the wake of collaborative work and openness to continue joining entities to the Cluster Turismo Galicia, the Annual Meeting of CTG held in the City of Culture de Compostela approved, among other matters, the accession of two new entities to the group: the Galician Association of Private Pensions (AGALBER) and the Professional Association do Tourist Sector Costa da Morte (APTCM Costa da Morte) which are integrated with full rights in the Cluster Turismo Galicia, which is thus composed of a total of 54 entities.

During the General Assembly, open to all partners, also took stock of actions in 2015, mainly linked to the development of agreements signed with Turismo de Galicia, which have allowed the development of the cluster itself, the implementation of PITGA, related activities the promotion of Galician tourism (presence in national and international trade shows) as well as continued commitment by Q Quality. In addition, the annual meeting held this entity also served to account for the plan of activities for 2016, aimed to continue working to provide value added services to companies associated with the Cluster Tourism Galicia, in addition to continuing the collaboration established with the Admministración public in development and promotion of Galicia as unique and multiexperiencial tourist destination.

Projects in 2016

In this sense, 2016 is expected to continue the development of PITGA and the agreement for the development of the Q of Quality, which also binds the commitment to the brand Galicia Calidade as “the great seal of our sector in the work and this year to incorporate new sectors such as rural, marine or conference centers, so they can also qualify for this certification, “said the president of the Tourism Cluster of Galicia, Francisco Gonzalez, who stressed the importance of Turismo de Galicia has encomedado the CTG PETGA the development of the Strategic Plan of Tourism of Galicia, a real challenge for the future in which we are already working to involve the whole of tourism in Galicia.

In addition, at the annual meeting also he realized the projects the Tourism Cluster will take place this year in collaboration with its partners as a result of competition of ideas. In total 8 projects, ranging from the creation and implementation of new ways of marketing new products to creating a tourist brand which provides all the wine tourism offer, they will run the implementation of complementary services for rural tourism or promoting familiarization trips, among other proposals.

Wednesday June 22nd, 2016
Asamblea General Cluster Junio 2016

Two new entities join the Cluster Turismo Galicia

Continuing the wake of collaborative work and openness to continue joining entities to the Cluster Turismo Galicia, the Annual Meeting of CTG held in the City of Culture […]
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Tuesday May 24th, 2016
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Saturday May 14th, 2016
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