Clúster del Turismo de Galicia places Galician territory as the sixth autonomous community with the highest occupancy in the country, five points above the 2018 figures.

According to data from the specialized portal, the forecast of occupation of Galician rural tourism accommodation would be around 50%, five percentage points more than in 2018. This data places Galicia as the sixth autonomous community with the highest occupancy of the country for this period of the year, being the national average of 46% occupancy in the rural accommodation registered in this booking portal.
Cesáreo Pardal, president of Clúster de Turismo de Galicia, is optimistic: “Expectations for the month of August are good. We plan to close August surpassing the figure achieved last year, after a few months of June and July somewhat weak, but gradually we are raising our heads,” he says.
At the national level, the figure for the month of August is now at 46%, four percentage points higher than 2018 by the same dates, according to 10,125 updated calendars of accommodation managed by
This data indicates that this summer more tourists will choose rural establishments to enjoy their holidays, demonstrating the structural change in the tourist positioning of Spain that begins to look beyond the traditional tourism of sun and beach.

Navarre, Asturias and Andalusia, undisputed leaders
By autonomous communities Navarre (61%), Asturias (59%) and Andalusia (54%) lead the reserves for the month par excellence of tourism in our country. The top 10 of the forecast is completed by Catalonia (52%), Galicia (50%), Murcia, Cantabria and the Basque Country with 49%, Comunidad Valenciana (41%) and Aragón (40%). At the bottom are Castilla-La Mancha with only 28% occupancy, a figure similar to that of La Rioja (29%), Madrid (32%) and Extremadura (35%).
Malaga is, in the case of the provinces, the one that will receive the most passengers in August, with occupancy standing at 65%, closely followed by Pontevedra and Cadiz, with 64% and 63% respectively; Navarre (61%), Asturias and Cordoba with 59%, and Barcelona (57%). La Rioja (29%), Zaragoza (28%), Albacete (27%), Guadalajara (21%) and Cuenca (20%) occupy the last positions in the table.
Last year we closed August with an average occupancy of 51% and the forecast at this point was two percentage points lower than what we have today, so we hope to exceed in occupancy the previous year,’ says Ana Alonso, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of

Tuesday July 30th, 2019
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The expected occupancy of Galician rural tourism improves in August, standing at around 50%. places Galician territory as the sixth autonomous community with the highest occupancy in the country, five points above the 2018 figures. According to data from […]
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