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The City of Culture hosted the day of training for professionals in the tourism sector aimed at knowing in greater depth the financial tools they have to carry out their business as well as public aid currently in force. Promoted by the Galician Tourism Cluster and Banco Sabadell, the meeting had the participation of fifty professionals from the sector and the presence of the director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, who stressed the importance of holding meetings of this type that help to publicize the aid that entrepreneurs in the sector can be worth, so he also thanked Sabadell for its willingness to cooperate with the sector and help in the task of modernization and improvement of competitiveness. In fact, this financial entity, with which the CTG has maintained a collaboration agreement since 2017 is positioned as the leading bank in companies in the tourism sector for its high specialization in the field and the development of specific products developed to give specialized financial response to a group little homogeneous and very fragmented as tourism is.

Precisely this diversity and the different idiosyncrasies of a sector as transversal as tourism is one of the aspects that sometimes makes it difficult to find global solutions for the whole sector. Hence the importance of being able to count on personalised advice and the option of resolving doubts, aspects that the president of the Galician Tourism Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal, highlighted at this conference.

“We want this type of actions to be very dynamic and very practical. It is the first time that we organized a specific conference on financial issues but we have detected that many doubts are generated in the application for public aid and in the management of funds and our sector has a very special casuistry so it is important that our entrepreneurs become familiar with all the options available to them to modernize and make their business more competitive. Their future will very possibly depend on this”.

In this sense, José María Martín Rigueiro, Director of the Tourism and Hotel Business of Banco Sabadell stressed that “with conferences such as today’s Banco Sabadell demonstrates with facts its value proposition aimed at the tourism sector. For this work, we have received the Q Quality Mark from the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality, which we collected in an event held very recently right here in the City of Culture. This endorses our commitment to Galicia, tourism quality and excellence.

Rigueiro was one of the participants in the conference, in whose intervention he broke down the possibilities offered by Sabadell Negocio Turístico, which has “a specialized service aimed at a very heterogeneous group, with very specific needs and representing a very strong sector of activity in Galicia.

The conference also included a presentation on regional incentives for the tourism sector geared towards IGAPE investment, by Beatriz Calderero Mir and another on aid for the implementation of the Q for Tourism Quality, by Modesto Rouco. Both broke down the different programs that the public administration has for the improvement of tourism competitiveness such as Reforma-tur, Galicia Inviste, Galicia Emprende, aimed at entrepreneurs, the aid for the implementation of industry 4.0 and services Re-acciona ICT, deepening on the characteristics of mandatory compliance for their application as well as the aspects that are the object of subsidy, as well as aid for the implementation and renewal of the Q for Quality.

Renting and tax tools to improve profitability
Big Pyme consultant Ángel Mejías was responsible for the presentation that opened the second part of the day, focused on making participants reflect on the essential ingredients that make a viable SME, in which the financial part occupies a fundamental place. Thus, the capture of funding, the optimization of management to increase profit and tools to reduce tax expenditure were aspects that addressed this consultant.

Finally Tomás Manuel Abeigón Vidal, Director of Tourism Business Hotel Territorial Northwest of Banco Sabadell was responsible for the final presentation, focusing on explaining hotel renting as a flexible and viable option to improve the financing of the business.

Tuesday May 21st, 2019
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