More than 4,200 housing requests of tourist use in Galicia

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More than 4,200 housing requests of tourist use in Galicia

Since the decree regulating housing for tourist use came into force last May, more than 4,200 applications were filed for registration of this type of accommodation in Galicia, according to Galicia Tourism, which emphasizes That “this good evidence shows that the new decree is strengthening and increasing the supply thanks to the legal security framework that offers, both for individuals and for the tourism sector of the Community in general, to be able to exercise competition in that context.”

By provinces, Pontevedra is the territory where more applications were submitted to date, surpassing 2,250. In A Coruña, on the other hand, the number of requests formulated in this register are more than 1,360. They follow Lugo with about 540 and Ourense, with around 80.
The decree regulating this type of accommodation, which has been in force since last May, is an opportunity to offer greater legal certainty both for individuals and for the sector itself, and is a response to the current situation and also an opportunity for those who , Either as owner or as a tenant, bet on this type of tourist rental. The houses for tourist use, as indicated in the aforementioned decree, are those ceded to the third persons two more times a year, in exchange for an economic consideration, for a stay of less than 30 days. The regulation determines that the assignment must be by the totality and the commercialization can be carried out by its owners or regulated tourism companies.

To start operating, you only need to submit a Responsible Declaration of Activity Initiation. The standardized model, available on the website of Turismo de Galicia, should be covered, as well as the proof of payment of the tourist classification fees of 56.82 euros.

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