Segittur launches Tourist Intelligence System (SIT) to improve the management of destinations


Segittur launches Tourist Intelligence System (SIT) to improve the management of destinations

Within development project Intelligent Tourist Destinations, Segittur has gone a step further with the introduction of the System of Tourism Intelligence (SIT), a program destined to become as cornerstone in the analysis of the needs of the target, collecting, processing and analyzing different sources of data to make decisions about the fate in an informed manner.

The SIT, which has begun its implementation in pilot format in Las Palmas and Badajoz, offers very important information for both the industry and for managers target that allows them to increase production capacity, boost competitiveness and to evaluate the return actions promoting tourism while helping to increase benefits to visitors adapting supply to new demands and needs.

Tools based on Big Data and Business Intelligence, the SIT incorporates data sources such as mobility, consumption and expenditure, and monumentos- -museums tourism resources, tourism -Accommodation, restaurants, trade ..-, -parking- infrastructure, offices information and data generated in the social networking environment. From these data multidimensional models are generated. The platform allows you to view, for example, how the money was spent during the days of the week, in which products and make a distinction by nationality of the tourists. “Over time, indicators and questions that we will change the system and the system will be enriched,” explains Luis Javier Gadea, Research manager Segittur.

Antonio Lopez de Avila, president of Segittur said during the presentation of SIT “This system allows us to scan the environment to make decisions, can not be a smart destination if a system of tourist intelligence behind that allows us to know what is happening in time real to make decisions and provide a richer experience for tourists, before, during and after your visit, generate greater loyalty to the destination, learn from them and offer a personalized experience”.

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