Satisfaction of the sector with a Holy Week that has exceeded expectations

EFE/Óscar Corral.

Satisfaction of the sector with a Holy Week that has exceeded expectations

With the objective of knowing the behavior of the Galician tourism sector during the Holy Week 2017, the Cluster of Tourism of Galicia made between associates surveys before and after this period to collect their expectations for this first milestone of the year. Their expectations were collected, with no statistical value, and occupation data collected by different associations a posteriori and the results have exceeded expectations, with a growth four points higher than estimated in the central days of Easter. If we compare these figures with that of Easter last year, which was in March, growth has been five points in the whole of the week and 10 in the central days. Thus, if in the survey carried out in the week prior to Easter, Galician hoteliers estimated the occupation expected for the period between 10 and 16 April (Monday to Sunday) at 64% and 85% Corresponding to the days that go from Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 of April, finally these indicators rose to 75.63% and 91.62%, respectively.

Specifically, according to data provided by the members of the Tourism Cluster of Galicia, very positive statistics are observed in populations such as Sanxenxo, Santiago de Compostela and Lugo. In the case of the former, it registered 85.53% during the week, with 69% of overnight stays being concentrated between Thursday and Saturday. In the case of Compostela, the average occupancy of Thursday, Friday and Saturday was 88.89%. Lugo, for its part, recorded in these three days a figure of 95.78%, which represents an increase of 8.87% compared to the Holy Week of 2016.

Improving profitability

Most of the reserves were made by national tourists, rising from 85% to 89%. The good weather and the school holiday period in our national territory helped to increase the reserves. In terms of prices, the previous estimate of the increase was confirmed, which gives more value to the increase in employment. Regardless of the high season, rates increased. On the other hand, as far as the employment, in general lines did not extend the templates, taking place the new contractions mainly by necessities in the services of restoration. Many of the hotel establishments that have opened during Easter will be already open in anticipation of the good expectations of occupation for the Bridge of May 1 and the proximity of the summer, benefited by the fall of Easter in April and not in March, like the last year. In conclusion, the Holy Week 2017 recorded very positive results, surpassing forecasts already already optimistic.

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