Sanxenxo hosts a day about tourism legislation and aid to sector

jornada Sanxenxo marzo 2017

Sanxenxo hosts a day about tourism legislation and aid to sector

The Tourism Entrepreneurs Consortium of Sanxenxo (CETS) celebrates this Thursday 30th March a day on tourism legislation and aid open to the whole sector in which different themes will be addressed: aids available for the implementation of energy improvement projects in the tourism sector As well as for the implementation of broadband in isolated rural areas, the use and operation of Turespazo, the professional space enabled by Tourism of Galicia for companies in the sector, as well as the developments regarding the entry into force of the Order of Ordinance Of Hotel Establishments 57/2016. The appointment will be from 10:30 a.m. In the auditorium of the Pazo Emilia Pardo Bazán de Sanxenxo and will be attended by the director of the Axencia of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, the president of the CETS, Francisco González and the mayor of Sanxenxo, Gonzalo Pita, for the opening of the meeting .

The first part of the day will be attended by the INEGA manager, Zeltia Lado, who will address the help that this administration makes available to entrepreneurs for the implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency projects. Also will be the AMTEGA Enrique Grandal technician, who will discuss the characteristics of the aid for the implementation of broadband in companies in the rural Galician as well as the Head of Information Area of ​​the Tourism Agency of Galicia, Jorge Barreiro Rodas, who will explain The operation of Turespazo, gateway for companies and professionals in the Smart Tourism platform through the Internet, through which an entrepreneur or tourism professional can access the data that the administration has on it as well as modify them, whether it is information Official as for promotional purposes.

The second part of the day, dedicated to tourism legislation and the ordinance of hotel establishments, will be in charge of the Chief of Service of Pontevedra, Maria de los Angeles Herrero and a Tourism Inspector of the area of ​​Pontevedra. This part will touch on issues such as the incorporation for the first time of a point valuation system and the new classification of the term “superior” in all categories, as well as the fact that there is a 5 year term and its entry into force for That all those hotels and Galician pensions are adapted to that norm, aspects that generate doubts between the sector that can be clarified during the day.


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