Round contacts for the implementation of the project Monte do Gozo


Round contacts for the implementation of the project Monte do Gozo

The manager of Xacobeo, Rafael Sanchez, maintained contacts with different organizations to explore synergies and collaborations with social groups for the implementation of the rehabilitation project of Monte do Gozo, a draft comprehensive rehabilitation to remodel the park to suit the current needs.

Thus, the first meetings were held with representatives of the ONCE Foundation, with State Representative Platform for Physically Handicapped (PREDIF) and the Monte do Gozo, promoter of Proxecto Home Galicia Foundation.

At the initiative é unha you primeiras das actuacions to by up included nesta assistance referred to concession given area assuring an aloxamento to continuities do hostel for pilgrims neste place so intimately bound to or world gives Jacobean pilgrimage and enabling these INSTALACIONS for associative movemento and sociais fins.

The Action Plan of Monte del Gozo is a comprehensive recovery project that will remodel the park adapting to current needs and making it a national and Jacobean reference.

The goal is to return to Mount Gozo attention it deserves and its role in the city of Santiago and the Camino de Santiago.

Thus, this intervention will equip new life this ample park in Santiago de Compostela, revitalizing its benchmark value in the Jacobean world but also making it a space at the service of citizens and tourists from Santiago de Compostela and Galicia.

However, the Plan is a key action for both Compostela and for the Jacobean route, since the park is larger city and the gateway of pilgrims to Galicia

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