Pontevedra, fifth favorite destination of spanish rural tourists to enjoy the summer


Pontevedra, fifth favorite destination of spanish rural tourists to enjoy the summer

The months of July and August are still preferred by travelers to enjoy their holidays, but this year have increased by 30% occupancy in rural accommodation. Specifically, in July it reaches an occupation of 24%, while in August it rises to 32%, according to the data obtained from the analysis of the reserves in the portal Escapadarural.com. In this report, the portal highlights not only the increase in interest in this type of tourism, linked to the search for contact with nature in less crowded destinations, but also, it also highlights a Galician destination among the five preferred by the Rural tourists this summer.

Thus, by region, the Balearic Islands are the favorite destination (47% occupancy), ahead of Catalonia and Navarrra (both 34%) while, by provinces, the Mediterranean islands are also the most in demand (47% ), Followed by Málaga (44%), Barcelona (40%), Girona (36%) and Pontevedra (35%).

According to the same study, what rural travelers most value when planning their holiday is that the accommodation has a pool (34%) and have barbecue or gardens (28%). As for the situation, isolated houses are sought (32%) or near the beach (313%). Regarding the type of rent, 27% of the reservations that have been made through Escapadarural.com preferred the one that was of an intact type. In addition, it emphasizes that the average price of the reserved accommodations is situated at 21 € per day and person. The tourist who chooses this type of accommodation is still mostly national, since in 2016 only 18% of the travelers who chose this type of accommodation were foreigners.

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