O Grove has been selected as the most ‘pet-friendly’ place in our country


O Grove has been selected as the most ‘pet-friendly’ place in our country

The specialized tour operator Travelguau has designated O Grove as the most pet-friendly municipality in our country in 2019, which means that the Galician municipality is considered the best destination for travelling with dogs.

At the same Travelguau Awards, the self-published book “Buen Camino Perregrino”, the first guide to successfully plan the Way of Saint James if you are planning to do it with your dog, written by Mercè Jiménez after completing the French Way from Roncesvalles with Futt, her four-legged companion, was also chosen as the best pet-friendly book. The list of winners is completed by Sos Torrencito as the best pet-friendly establishment; Bankia as the best pet-friendly company; Daniel Sánchez Arévalo for his commitment to pets; Simbiosis+ as the best initiative for responsible pet ownership and SOS PPP-Los Barrios as the best NGO.

These awards are the result of a popular vote by users of the online portal after which a jury was responsible for crowning the municipality of Pontevedra as the best destination for being “a peninsula located in the Rias Baixas, in the region of O Salnés, which has been a pioneer in the creation of dog beaches and currently has two, as are O Espiño and O Portiño, which each year receive more and more visitors, becoming a national reference for this type of public.

The aim of making this type of ranking, after which the town will receive a physical award in the coming days at the fair Fitur, is “to recognize the work of companies, public and private entities that strive to make our world a little more friendly to our pets, as well as encourage the relationship with them from the respect and coexistence with the environment, providing new spaces for development that meet the needs of people with companion animals from a sustainable point of view,” explained from Travelguau.

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