The deadline to participate in the Responsible Program for the implementation of CSR in Galician companies is open

The deadline to participate in the Responsible Program for the implementation of CSR in Galician companies is open

With the aim of continuing to improve the competitiveness and modernisation of the Galician companies, the Xunta de Galicia is promoting a new edition of the Responsabilízate programme, especially aimed at small and medium-sized companies which, on many occasions, are unaware of the advantages of implementing CSR in their companies. A total of 127 Galician companies participated in the first phase of this programme, 98% of which recommended participation in the initiative.

Promoted by the General Secretariat of Emprego, the Responsible Care Programme allows for the free implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility, which is now considered essential both for contracting with private clients and the public sector, as well as being a very good tool for the improvement and internal management of human resources. In the particular case of the tourism sector, the degree of impact on the environment is also taken into account, which requires special awareness and a new business management model based on responsible and sustainable management of resources.

For this reason, the concept of responsible tourism is being developed, which is one that satisfies the needs of tourists and the regions of destination, while at the same time protecting and guaranteeing the activity for the future, with the ultimate objective being the socio-economic development of society in general, so as not to have an environmental, social and economic impact on the area visited.

In this sense, the General Secretariat of Employment of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry offers Galician SMEs and self-employed persons with at least one employee the Responsible Programme, an initiative that will help them to implement CSR in their business model free of charge. Through the real accompaniment of a CSR expert tutor, the programme offers the services of diagnosis of the state and potential of CSR in companies, personalised training in CSR and accompaniment in the definition of an action plan and implementation of the first measures to be carried out.

Applications to join this program will be made through the form available on the Xunta’s website, attaching the required documentation. The admission will be published on the programme’s website.


The Presume de Galicia Community is reactivated to search for the new superstar of the year

The Presume de Galicia Community is reactivated to search for the new superstar of the year

Between August and November, Presume de Galicia will once again reward the best showboats of the month and a superstar of the year among those who get the most votes in their photographs.
The online community exceeds one hundred thousand users and aspires to continue growing, providing a 2.0 space for sharing experiences and corners in the four provinces.

Under the premise of revitalizing the community of Presume de Galicia, which has been active for more than two years and has already exceeded 100 thousand followers on the different social networks in which it has a profile – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in addition to a Youtube channel -, the Cluster Tourism of Galicia has launched a new campaign that over the next few months will once again draw stays among the community’s followers.
The “presumptive” denominators who obtain the most votes in any of their uploaded photographs will be able to obtain stays in three and four star hotels in Galicia between August and November. In addition, the one who gets the most votes at the end of the campaign will receive the recognition of Presumer of the Year and a space prize that will include a complementary activity to their hotel stay.
With this reactivation of the campaign, the Cluster Tourism of Galicia continues to bet on this active community of users that, throughout this time in which Presume de Galicia has been operating, has managed to gather hundreds of photographs of the corners and most special moments for users.

Waterfalls, sunsets, forests and churches, viewpoints and beaches that boasters have been sharing on www., creating a map of experiences available to anyone who wants to discover new places to visit Galicia.

Facebook, the main network for braggers
With Presume de Galicia, the Cluster has managed to create a meeting point for lovers of this land, where Galicians living in the territory and many others living abroad can be found and who look out to the social networks of Presume de Galicia to keep in touch with their homeland. Social networks are the main scenario in which Presume de Galicia is developed, especially Facebook, where the community has over 90 thousand fans. Thanks to Presume de Galicia, Galicia now has its own platform of these characteristics that also goes one step further and offers the world a vision based on thousands of points of view.
Twitter: @PresumeDGalicia


The Xantar Gastronomic Tourism Show is being promoted this August in Portugal

The Xantar Gastronomic Tourism Show is being promoted this August in Portugal

Expourense participated in the opening of the 5th Festival dedicated to Swordfish in Vila Praia de Âncora

Xantar, the International Gastronomic Tourism Show, continues to strengthen ties with the north of Portugal, which represents one of the most active destinations in the project and a strategic partner of the event to be held in Expourense on February 6, 2019. The director of international relations of Expourense, Emma González, participated in the inauguration of the 5th Gastronomic Festival of Espadarte that started in Vila Praia de Áncora, together with the mayor of the Municipality of Caminha, Miguel Alves, the president of the Porto e Norte Tourism Entity, Melchior Moreira and the organizer of the event, Antonio Cunha. Expourense and Xantar have been representing Galicia for five consecutive years in this Festival that is held every year and will run until August 19 in Vila Praia de Âncora.

All of them agreed in highlighting the tourist strength of the North of Portugal, especially thanks to the arrival of pilgrims who travel the Portuguese Way along the Coast. Overall, this territory continues to grow the most in overnight stays, the result of a cooperative effort both with the municipalities and with other entities such as Expourense. This is already Expourense’s second performance in the neighbouring country, during the month of August, after it took part in the official opening of the 16th edition of the “Feira da Terra” in Mondim de Basto, which was presided over by the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food of the Portuguese Government, Luis Medeiros.


The Provincial Council of A Coruña promotes its six tourist geodestinations through an online campaign

The Provincial Council of A Coruña promotes its six tourist geodestinations through an online campaign

“Coruña Like” is the title of the new audiovisual promotional campaign with which the Tourism Department of the County Council of A Coruña wants to encourage visitors to visit its six geodestinations. Through a general video and one for each of the different destinations make up the campaign, which is disseminated on the networks, the public body wants to promote the different experiences and landscapes by encouraging them to be shared on social networks.

“The initiative is part of the promotional strategy of the tourism area of the County Council of A Coruña and aims to offer subtle information on what characterises this territory that can function as a call, that is to say, heritage, landscape, roads and entertainment”, explains Xosé Regueira, deputy of the Tourism area.

Landscape, heritage and gastronomy are some of the resources that feature in the new promotional offer of the Tourism area of the County Council of A Coruña, which disseminates the tourist offer through a general video in which a visitor is given “like” in the social networks of different natural and heritage sites in the province, an exercise that is one of the objectives of the new campaign: to get people to echo and disseminate the beauty and quality offer of the different destinations in A Coruña.

In addition to the general video, the campaign includes six private shorts dedicated to Ferrolterra, A Coruña and As Mariñas, Costa da Morte, Terras de Santiago, Ría de Muros and Noia and Ría de Arousa Norte, in which samples of this heritage of great tourist value appear: the tower of Hercules and the port of A Coruña, the Ezaro waterfall and the Fisterra cape on the Costa da Morte, the Louro mountain and the Baroña castro on the Muros and Noia estuary, the Obradoiro square in the Lands of Santiago, and the Ortegal cape or the Caaveiro monastery at Ferrolterra.

The videos can be viewed on the social networks of the Diputación de Coruña as well as on its website ( and on those of the management bodies of the different geodestinations.


Fegatur, Agatur and the Galician Tourism Cluster are working on the development of a catalogue of rural tourism products for this autumn

Fegatur, Agatur and the Galician Tourism Cluster are working on the development of a catalogue of rural tourism products for this autumn

Around 60 companies in the rural tourism sector could benefit from this work, aimed at boosting the autumn campaign in these tourist establishments.

Within the framework of the competition of ideas promoted by the Cluster of Tourism of Galicia, the Galician Federation of Rural Tourism (Fegatur) and the Galician Association of Rural Tourism (Agatur), are developing a pilot experience of developing a catalogue of products in the rural tourism sector for the next autumn campaign 2018. To this end, during these months of the summer season, a series of working meetings are being held with the different members in order to make progress in the articulation of these proposals for complementary activities.

The objective is that the accommodation offer in Galicia is completed with an attractive proposal of complementary activities that allow the traveller to offer a more complete and enriching experience. Throughout the month of July, the first working meetings have already taken place with the associations Mar de Compostela, Campo y Mar, Ribeira Sacra Rural and Agatur, with the participation of around thirty establishments. The creativity and enthusiasm of the participants are being one of the characteristics of the process.

“The objective is to be able to articulate a multiplicity of tourist proposals aimed at revitalising rural houses between October and November, so that the different initiatives that both local rural tourism associations and individual establishments usually carry out during this period of reduced activity are valued”, explains the secretary of the Tourism Cluster of Galicia, Cesáreo Pardal, president of Fegatur. It is also planned to incorporate new proposals that will allow us to verify the degree of acceptance between Galician travellers and those from outside Galicia on an experimental basis.

Once all this information has been gathered and this catalogue has been drawn up, the campaign to promote rural tourism in Galicia will start at the end of September with an action called “Come on weekend with rural tourism in Galicia”, which the participating establishments are planning in a participative way in the working sessions and which seeks to draw the attention of the public to the experiences that can be lived in Galicia with the help of rural tourism establishments.

Meeting in Compostela
Throughout the month of August, contacts and meetings with different entities of the Galician rural tourism sector will continue, but in addition, a meeting open to the entire sector has been scheduled for 30 August in Santiago de Compostela. The open day to publicize this initiative will take place at 5 pm in Classroom 1 of the library of the Cidade da Cultura. Any rural tourism establishment or rural tourism association interested in participating in this initiative can contact or telephone 667445596.


Open deadline to apply for grants for the implementation of the Q for Tourism Quality

Open deadline to apply for grants for the implementation of the Q for Tourism Quality

The Official Diary of Galicia includes the resolution of 13 July 2018 establishing the regulatory bases for the concession, on a competitive basis, of subsidies for rural tourism establishments, hotels, apartments and tourist homes, tourist camps, travel agencies, cafés, bars, restaurants and complementary service companies that wish to undertake the processes of certification, monitoring and renewal of the Q for Tourism Quality.

The Q for Quality, issued by the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE), is governed by the corresponding UNE standards and the resolution establishes a series of concepts that can be subsidised in this process of renewal or achievement of the tourist quality mark.

These include: the costs of external audits for certification, monitoring and/or renewal of the system (excluding implementation costs) and the rights to use the Q mark during 2018.

In order to obtain these grants, you must be registered with the REAT and be an SME. The deadline for submitting applications is 31 August. For more information, you can download the DOGA resolution, visit the website of Turismo de Galicia, by calling 981 54 63 63 63 and 981 54 63 64 or by e-mail