The Logistics Function Cluster of Galicia is born

clúster de la Función Logística de Galicia

The Logistics Function Cluster of Galicia is born

The new business group was born from the cooperation between agents and leading companies in Galician logistics and the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry.

Sponsored by the Consellería de Economía, Emprego e Industria through IGAPE, the Ciudad de la Cultura de Galicia hosted the presentation of the new Galician business cluster, the Clúster de la Función Logística de Galicia, a sector that brings together the organization, supply and transport of goods in our territory and that represents 3.9% of Galician GDP and employs about 50,000 people in our Community, according to the latest data produced by the Galician Statistics Institute (IGE).

This new entity is the result of public-private cooperation and the impulse of relevant companies in the sector, including Kaleido, Gadisa, Trotansa, Ence, Finsa, Hijos de Rivera, Delta Vigo and the Port Authority of Vilagarcía. A group of companies born as a response to the revolution that this sector is undergoing, driven by the process of globalization and internationalization of the economy, as well as the emergence of emerging technologies.

“This transformation of the sector requires a coordinated response in which logistics systems are capable of anticipating and adapting to new global trends”, explained IGAPE director, Juan Cividaes, who stressed that Agenda Industry 4.0 includes among the measures to develop the coordination of an integrated and unique infrastructure scheme, with the aim of making Galicia an attractive logistics platform. An objective of optimization of the logistics sector under the protection of which this sectorial grouping is born with the objective of promoting the territorial and industrial competitiveness of Galicia, as well as the relevance of the participation of all the actors of the industrial and transport fabric to make the Galician logistics structure competitive at a global level.

The dynamic role of clusters
Cividanes also recalled the active role of clusters as dynamizers of economic activity and as strategic pieces in the promotion of innovative projects, which have significant support from the public administration to promote their work as boosters of competitiveness and innovation of Galician SMEs.

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