Improves profitability and employment in the Galician city destinations

Barometro rentabilidad Exceltur

Improves profitability and employment in the Galician city destinations

As recorded by the latest barometer of the Spanish tourist destinations prepared by Exceltur

As recorded by the barometer of profitability and employment of Spanish tourist destinations prepared by Exceltur for the first quarter of the year, tourist indicators of Spanish cities continue to show signs of clear recovery, extending and for more than two years, although in the first quarter of 2016 to slightly more moderate pace than recorded at the end 2015.
Specifically, alojativos revenues grew 10.3% from January to April 2016 compared with the same period last year, reaching the average level of € 50.9 RevPAR, another 2 € per below pre-crisis levels (2008), according to the INE. In this context of revenue growth, tourism has continued to generate employment in the cities at a rate that has risen to 6.5% in that period, which involves the creation of 14,172 jobs in the 53 cities whose information collects the Barometer.
In the case of urban destinations analyzed in Galicia, the report contains the recovery of prices and employment figures in Lugo, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela, although still in pre-crisis figures. Thus stands Lugo (+ 26.3%, 17.6 € in RevPAR and + 15.3% in employment), A Coruña (+ 25.7%, 25.1 € in RevPAR and + 7.7% in employment ) and Santiago de Compostela (+ 9.8% in RevPAR € 18.2 and + 2.5% in employment)

As recorded by the report Exceltur, the remarkable improvement of the socioeconomic profitability in urban destinations is due to the strong increase in tourism for domestic and foreign businesses, in addition to an increase in leisure breaks, mainly foreign, very driven growth air connectivity, and in those cities coast by tourists ebbs due to geopolitical instability in our major competitors eastern markets.
In these early months of 2016 are 42 of the 54 urban destinations analyzed in this barometer in which an increase is evident in profitability levels as those of employment, being more intense in the middle cities that have suffered most during the crisis, located in the northern third and the peninsular.

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