More time and domestic destinations, preferences Galicians holiday


More time and domestic destinations, preferences Galicians holiday

Galician mostly choose to enjoy their days off domestic destinations, with Madrid and Sanxenxo to the head. According to the report released by the search Trivago on preferences and travel patterns Galicians 76% of them have chosen a national destiny, many beach destinations (Tenerife, Salou, Menorca or Mallorca) which have passed an average of 5.9 nights in the destination, a figure above the average of 5.5 nights in the rest of Spain. very followed by other poles of tourist attraction in Portugal preferably with the Algarve in 3rd place destinations. They are followed, in order of preference, Porto, Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Lisbon, La Coruna, Benidorm, Roma, Vigo and O Grove. On these trips abroad, the Galicians spend less nights, an average of 5.6 nights.

On the expenditure side, the study Trivago indicates that the highest price they are willing to pay half the Galicians is € 113 per night for domestic destinations and 185 € in international destinations, well above the 156 € you spend Spanish average and positioning, along with Extremadura, as the biggest spenders on travel outside borders.

The report was finally completed with data on Galicia as a destination chosen by lportugueses, Italians, Germans and British, the latter being those that invest in housing.

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