Lugo launches its Provincial Council of Tourism


Lugo launches its Provincial Council of Tourism

Lugo Provincial Council is finalizing the implementation of the new Provincial Tourism Council, which will seek to promote growth and transformation of the sector in the province to achieve a more competitive and profitable model, working towards the development of agreed action plans and joint promotion of the brand of the destination. Since the text of its constitution has already been definitively approved, the Provincial Council has already contacted the associations and entities that will form part of this new body, to communicate the names of the persons who will form part of this Council before 14 September.

Specifically, a total of 26 institutions have been summoned, related to tourism in the province, including the USC, the Galician Federation of Commerce, the Galician Tourism Cluster, the Provincial Association of Hotel and Catering Entrepreneurs, the Galician Federation of Rural Tourism, the Galician Association of Travel Agencies, a representative of Auxilia, as well as representatives of political groups, among others.
The initiative is part of the Strategic Tourism Plan of the Province of Lugo (2017-2020), with which the Provincial Government is developing specific actions to promote the growth and transformation of the tourism sector in the province, in search of a more competitive and profitable model. This new entity was demanded by the sector itself within the working groups that were held around this Plan.

With this Strategic Plan, fully participatory and open, 4 axes, 6 strategic lines, 14 action plans and 71 actions to be promoted were established. Some of the specific activities, including the creation of this provincial and participative Tourism Council, a signposting plan linked to new technologies, improving accessibility to the province’s tourist resources, promoting the organisation of events related to gastronomy, promoting a network of cultural events in the province of Lugo, among others.

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