Hotels in Vigo launch the campaign #ysinosvamosaVigo oriented proximity tourism


Hotels in Vigo launch the campaign #ysinosvamosaVigo oriented proximity tourism

Twelve reasons and twelve months duration is what is proposed in the new campaign of the Hotel Association of Vigo (Ahosvi) under the slogan “If we go to Vigo?”. The campaign has the support of the Council of Vigo and Mahou, you can enjoy a weekend a month for the next twelve months of a special offer, with prices very small room.
Thus, each month will have an assigned reason, July being the “Secrets of the ria” and all inspired by the most important values ​​of the city and its surroundings, like the sea, gastronomy or traditions. The campaign will also spread in cities like A Coruña, Oviedo, Leon or Porto with the aim of capturing tourism proximity, and that all people who wonder where to spend a good weekend arising choose Vigo as a destination. In addition, the campaign will include routes, coordinated actions with the hospitality and trade city, with transport companies as Renfe, contests and surprises to make even more attractive destination.

This offer will be available in the hotels of the Hotel Association of Vigo, AHOSVI, they have prepared a special welcome visitors who want to come to Vigo through the campaign with a premium card, with special advantages. President AHOSVI, Jaime Pereira, notes that this proposal has important advantages that prices are per room (not per person) and they are unique in all categories, ie, that same category, same price throughout the city.

All initiatives and motifs can be found on the website and social networks Facebook and Instagram. Also on the website you can find information campaign, and which offers, promotional activities, tools and updated information of interest with each monthly promotion will be incorporated.

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