The three Galician universities responsible for the diagnosis of Estratexia2020

diagnóstico Estratexia2020

The three Galician universities responsible for the diagnosis of Estratexia2020

In this work an analysis was made of existing resources and products, positioning of the Galicia brand, reputation on line, degree of knowledge and implementation of the quality ones, capacity for innovation and implementation of new technologies …

Among the results achieved stands out:

1. Need to work on line reputation, SEO and SEM together and better know the profile of the tourist that visits us, through the tools offered by the different platforms where Tourism of Galicia has a presence.
2. The use of quality / environment as brand image variables (commercial issues) but also must be taken into account that their management will help us to improve the business organization, respond to the expectations of internal and external customers and Improve their levels of satisfaction, promote environmental management and achieve a healthier and safer working environment, as well as enhancing the endogenous resources of the local and natural environment.
3. Controlling intrusiveness is another key issue. This control must be exercised by the public system. In a complementary way, the personal sector must be aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and the management of reputation on / off line of tourist establishments.
7. Cortopracist planning and de-seasonalisation plans that until now have not been effective.
8. Limited capacity for innovation in the Galician tourist business network. Need to open new markets and develop new products / services, training and innovation in environmental monitoring and efficiency systems, use of renewable energy,

The diagnosis of the Galician universities also includes the potential audience for tourism in Galicia: seniors and milenials, market niches with capacity to grow and who have their own needs and who seek destinations with criteria of sustainability, adventure, with High degree of authenticity and personalization

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