The Xunta meets with business clusters to define the actions of the Design for Innovation Programme 2020

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The Xunta meets with business clusters to define the actions of the Design for Innovation Programme 2020

With the aim of underlining the strategic nature of design and the importance of its application to innovation for the competitiveness and growth of companies, the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain) is holding a series of working meetings with the different business clusters and agents involved in the development of the business fabric to identify their strategic needs and involve them from the outset in the development of the Design for Innovation 2020 Programme, integrated into the Galicia Innova 2020 Plan.

In the context of these meetings, which will continue until next October, the director of the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), Patricia Argerey, held a meeting with representatives of fourteen Galician business clusters. Argerey stressed to the representatives of the productive fabric the strategic nature of design and announced the implementation of a series of actions to promote its implementation as a tool for business innovation, following the line marked at the international level in which it is pointed out that innovation is much more than technology, is the development of better products through design.

This initiative will also help to build the Map of business design agents, which will be the germ of the Network of agents that Gain seeks to promote. Finally, a session based on the co-creation dynamic based on the Design Thinking methodology will be organised to pool the priorities identified and transfer them to the programme.

In addition to the identification of the Network of business design agents, Argerey announced other objectives of this cycle of conversations within the Design for Innovation 2020 Programme: to identify joint actions to be promoted within the Network; training, dissemination and dissemination actions to promote design in the business world; to assess the aids that it would be desirable to enable to strengthen the implementation of design in the strategy of Galician SMEs; to explore successful cases that can serve as a reference; and to identify new entities to be incorporated into the Network of agents.

Representatives of the design sector participated in this first meeting: the Galician Design Association (DAG), the Official College of Architects (COAG), the Sargadelos and DIDAC foundations, the Institute of Design and Contemporary Arts (DARDO), the Sirvent Exhibition Centre, the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art (CGAC) and Galicia Maker Faire, as well as representatives from the Wood and Design (CMD), Life Sciences (BIOGA), Granite, Tile, Automotive (CEAGA), Aquaculture (CETGA), ICT, Audiovisual (CLAG), Naval (ACLUNAGA), Food (CLUSAGA), Tourism (CTG), Graphic Communication, Textile (COINTEGA) and Health clusters.

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