Xunta announces the Camino de Santiago 2019 awards that distinguish the role of society and institutions in the xacobean area

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Xunta announces the Camino de Santiago 2019 awards that distinguish the role of society and institutions in the xacobean area

Local councils and entities, Jacobean collectives, small and medium enterprises, researchers or works from educational centres, among others, may attend.

The Xunta de Galicia has announced a new edition of the Way of St. James Awards 2019 endowed with 55 thousand euros in prizes and which recognize the trajectory and commitment in the field of the route of various national and international groups, including public and personal actions aimed at preserving and improving the Way of St. James, but also research and work that impact on its dissemination.

The awards include four categories: the first distinguishes the actions carried out by town councils, groups of town councils, associations, local consortiums and Galician metropolitan areas through which any of the officially declared routes of the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago run.

The second category awards the actions carried out by the associations of friends of the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago. As a novelty with respect to previous years, two modalities are established here: national associations and international associations. The third line distinguishes the activities carried out by natural or legal persons constituted under commercial or civil form and the communities of goods that are included in the definition of small and medium enterprises.

Finally, the fourth recognises initiatives or activities of an academic, research or educational nature, including, on the one hand, the type of research work carried out by universities, research centres or similar and, on the other hand, the type to which the educational work of non-university education centres in the Galician Community may opt.

The call is made on a competitive basis and for the first and third categories are established two prizes, a first of 15,000 euros and a second of 5,000 euros. In the second category, an award of 10,000 euros is established for the modality of national associations and another 10,000 euros for the one awarded as an international association. In the fourth category, 10,000 euros will be allocated for the first category and 5,000 euros for the second, which corresponds to work in non-university education centers of the Galician Community. Those interested in competing in these prizes can consult the rules of the call as well as the documentation to be submitted and the deadlines in the DOG.

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