The brand Fest Galicia adds this year twelve festivals under the slogan “Festivais que fan Camiño”.

Fest Galicia festivales

The brand Fest Galicia adds this year twelve festivals under the slogan “Festivais que fan Camiño”.

Cantos na Maré and Caudal Fest join PortAmérica, Resurrection Fest, 17º Ribeira Sacra, Vive Nigrán, Sinsal, Atlantic Fest, SonRías Baixas, Revenidas, Festival de la Luz and WOS Festival, already present in the first edition of this initiative.

The calendar FEST Galicia 2019 will be developed between the months of July and September in the 12 festivals adhered to the second season of this initiative of the Xunta, which this year is closely linked to Xacobeo 21 under the slogan “Festivais que fan Camiño”, thus reinforcing the support for the brand promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in collaboration with other regional departments, as a way of supporting festivals considered strategic for the promotion of musical tourism according to criteria of quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

Cantos na Maré de Pontevedra and Caudal Fest de Lugo together with the 10 events that had already participated in last year’s pilot experience: PortAmérica, Resurrection Fest, Atlantic Fest, Vive Nigrán, Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia, 17º Ribeira Sacra, SonRías Bajas, Revenidas, Festival de lana Luz and WOS Festival join the initiative this year. In all of them, the Xunta will organise new awareness campaigns in favour of equality and the prevention of violence, the use of Galician language, respect for the environment or the promotion of positive values for young people, which will have their epicentre in a renovated stand of the brand, while at the same time making progress in measuring the economic and social impact of the festivals. Thus, in all the festivals will be carried out awareness actions against sexual violence, recondando the use of palicación Agresión OFF, as well as environmental awareness actions and will collaborate with the entities responsible for waste management, installing containers for the separation of waste and developing awareness activities, without forgetting other recreational and educational activities.

After making a very positive balance of the first edition of FEST Galicia, with a broad and very participatory response of the public of the festivals to the different actions promoted, Román Rodríguez said that the 12 associated events this year are very different in terms of formats and musical proposals, “but all have in common a commitment to quality, uniqueness and sustainability, which are in turn three of the keys to the brand.

Through it, the festivals get additional financial support to the specific subsidies that the Galician Government convenes each year for them. Specifically, as the Minister explained, this year the call for membership of Fest Galicia was endowed with 350,000 euros for sponsorship contracts with the companies organizing the events.

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