Hotel demand falls in July in Galicia although rates and average stay increase


Hotel demand falls in July in Galicia although rates and average stay increase

After five years of intense growth, the month of July has closed for Galician hotels with a 15% and 10% drop in the number of travellers during the night. However, this month has served to consolidate the slight rise in prices and improve the average stay. That is why the Galician tourism sector speaks of the consolidation of the numbers reaching, after a 2017 of true record of occupation. Thus, and despite the fact that the weather was not the best in the seventh month of the year, the sector knew how to maintain and even improve the occupation on weekends. In any case, the July occupation has improved on previous 2017 years’ records.

So far this year, Galicia has already registered a total of 2.2 million passengers who made 4.3 million overnight stays. Travellers also decided to stay longer during their trip, with an average stay increase of 5% over the same period last year, accompanied by an increase in hotel prices, which rose to 2.5%. It is also worth noting the good performance of the domestic market, as Galicians travelled more to get to know their territory, with almost 1.2 million overnight stays so far this year, the highest figure in the decade.

In this context of improvement, the hotel sector in Galicia had an income of 145 million euros between January and July, contributing to employment and economic development.

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