The Apehl celebrates its congress “E para comer, Lugo no Camiño” in February

congreso e para comer lugo

The Apehl celebrates its congress “E para comer, Lugo no Camiño” in February

As part of the initiative O Teu Xacobeo, promoted by the Xunta de Galicia, the Provincial Association of Hotel and Catering Businesses and Tourism of Lugo (Apehl) is launching the conference …E para comer, Lugo no Camiño, which will focus on the gastronomic culture of the Ways of Saint James on their way through the province of Lugo. The meeting will take place in the Interactive Museum of the History of Lugo (MIHL) on 8 February

The program will include activities such as demonstration and tasting of coffee: The coffee, the energy of the Pilgrim, by José Manuel Portela, Candelas, a presentation by David de Jorge, Robin Food, wine tasting workshop, given by Xoan Cannas of the Instituto Galego do Viño as well as demonstrations and preparation of recipes of the Way to 8 hands, by chefs from Lugo of the different Ways or a table discussion on the culinary culture in the Camino de Santiago and its influence on tourism. A cooking workshop for children will be held at the same time as the Congress.

As an introduction to the Congress, there will be a conference entitled “E para comer, Lugo no Camiño” in which all the associated establishments that wish to do so will be able to prepare dishes, tapas and portions with traditional recipes from our gastronomy related to the Way, such as stuffed berton, Galician broth, pumpkin soup, chestnut broth, empanadas, octopus, lamprey, lacón con grelos, filloas… They will receive the specific name of Menu …E para comer, Lugo no Camiño, Tapa …E para comer, Lugo no Camiño or Portions …E para comer, Lugo no Camiño.

For more information contact the Association on 982 22 69 12.

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